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Our approach is simple: Invest smarter, not harder.
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Become a Better Investor in Just 5 Steps

Our 5-Step Investing Process includes a comprehensive online course, a series of webinars and all the tools and data necessary to start building your portfolio today.

  • 1Finding Stocks
  • 2Evaluating Stocks
  • 3Timing Your Entry
  • 4Exits and Position Sizing
  • 5Managing Your Portfolio

What We Do

Online Courses For Investors

We produce interactive course content for investors to help them learn how to improve their investing results. Our application-based learing model focuses on real-world challenges and results.

Exclusive Reports and Analysis

We produce exclusive technical analysis reports daily. We've also developed a fundamental grading score, only available through OmniWealth, to help you make better investing decisions.

Next Generation Financial Tools

Whether it's the watchlist "reinvented" or fundamental stock screening like you've never seen, our mantra is simple: we develop tools that we actually use every day to make better decisions.

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What Makes OmniWealth Investing Courses Different?

We listen to you. For more than ten years we've developed courses, tools and technology based on customer feedback and, perhaps more importantly, based on what we learn investors need most.


Comprehensive Online Courses

We've partnered with the team at Learning Markets, which has been developing online course content for investors for well over 15 years. More than 100,000 investors have improved their investing results through our course content, submitted assignments and participated in live webinars. As a result we've been able to fine tune the course experience so that investors can learn more, by applying skills in a supportive environment that encourages questions.


Advanced Technical Analysis Reports

We analyze the world's leading public companies in a way that makes sense to active traders. While fundamental metrics and price performance are important factors, our focus is on technical impact events and suggested trading strategies. Everything is delivered in context — a recently released earnings report, the stock's current trend, an upcoming Fed announcement and more are all typical of the things factored in our analysis. Our reports are written by Certified Market Technicians — with experience and insight — not computers with bits and bytes.


Screening Tools and Watchlists

We don't just create screening tools and watchlists. We create screening tools and watchlists that incorporate the concepts we teach, that help you find investing opportunities more quickly and monitor them more effectively. All of our products work together to help you organize a more cohesive investing strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?
We recommend all new buyers first take the 5-Step Investing Course and watch each of the 5-Step Investing Webinars. This course and accompanying webinars are designed to walk you through a very disciplined investing process and will help you develop a solid learning path.
How long will it take me to complete your course?
This depends on the amount of time you're willing to commit to the courses and whether you've purchased our basic Investor package or the more complete Trader package. But generally we say that each course will take about a week to complete if you can devote roughly an hour to each day to the material.
How often are the Technical Analysis Reports updated?
We update most reports at least once per week with analyst insights. It's important to understand, however, that many items in the report use data that is updated daily. Our goal is to make sure each report is as useful as it can be the day that you open it.
How do I register for a free preview event?
To register for an event, please call: (800) 771-6149
May I bring a guest to the preview event?
Yes. Your admission includes registration for up to four guests. Please select “Register a Guest” and provide the full name and email address for each guest. You may also register a guest when you receive your confirmation email.
Do I need my ticket to attend the free preview event?
No. If you have completed the registration process, you are confirmed and we have reserved a seat for you.
How long is the preview event?
The event usually lasts 2 hours depending on audience questions. Doors typically open 15 minutes prior to the start of the event.
Will there be any snacks provided at the preview event?
Yes. Light snacks will be provided and they typically include nuts, granola bars, and/or candies.
What can I expect to learn at the event?
The program covers various investment strategies and techniques. For example, investing, trading, funding, marketing, and sales techniques.
Would you place me on the Do Not Contact List?
Please call our Customer Service department at (800) 771-6178 for assistance.